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There are two trains every hour to Hamburg in the north and Osnabrück, Münster and the Ruhr Area in the South as well as to Hanover.The weather isnt something that will make or break Bremen holidays, but nonetheless is can be an important factor to some people.

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than just a street. Follow the crowds to Weser Stadium to watch Werder Bremen compete in the German Premier League (Bundesliga). Notice the ease of use for cheap tickets.

The river Weser runs through the city itself which adds a different dynamic to what you can enjoy on Bremen holidays. This is the most popular inner-city green space, offering a range of activities like paddle boats, mini-golf and jogging. Roland this statue on the main square is of the Knight Roland who was a protector of trade. Please add destinations to your route first so that you can save. Walk the mystical alleyways of Schnoor. Since 2001 we have been booking flights to Hong Kong airport. Much of Bremen (or at least art the part frequented by travelers) can be negotiated by foot - the best way to explore the old city and its surrounding districts. Visitors can purchase fresh produce (some of which is organic) while visiting the area. Flights to the city will touch down at Bremen Airport which means that you can expect a short and speedy transfer to your accommodation. Add two or more points to the route so that you can view it in the external route planner. For those feeling lucky, the Bremen Casino beckons too. You could always catch an evening show in the theatre on Bremen holidays is you arent much of a big drinker. Bunker down for an afternoon of coffee-sipping, shopping or people-watching in one of Bremen's historic districts. There is a direct buslink from Bremen to Groningen (NL Oldenburg and Aurich. You can enjoy a lot on an evening in Bremen and most popular are the many bars and pubs which tend to serve larger than life portions. March is when the weather will begin to pick up again and the month is when the least rain will fall during the year. World-class stores, elegant restaurants, a large cineplex and a relaxing riverfront rest area are the main features of this shopping haven. Stroll around the city center and visit the Schnoor-Viertel with its old medieval buildings.

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Visit a match of the local team Werder Bremen in the stadium. Obtain air fare prices, choose from various options on your Bremen holidays whether its trying various national favourites and traditional dishes or enjoying meals in the Italian. Just outside the city centre is Blockland. A charming café rests within the park.

Bremen, art, gallery BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale/Jan Rathke.Hand bike tours of Lake Chiemsee.The more modern pockets.

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Schnoor is a den of tight lanes selling boutique style products including Jewlery. This is not one of those apos. The winding alleys and Art Nouveau architecture in these botswana entwicklungsstand medieval districts are ideal for sightseeing. This 10metre 33foot high limestone statue stands guard over the Market Square. The statue remains in surprisingly good condition. However, airGorilla negotiates great deals on Bremen flights.

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Bremen is believed to be home to some of the finest art in Germany.