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requestsync - files a sync request with Debian changelog and rationale.Package: acidbase Description-md5: Description-sl: Osnovni programnik preučevanja in varnosti base je osnovan na kodi iz projekta acid (konzola preučevanja za podatkovne zbirke vlomov).Package: libghc-strict-concurrency-doc Description-md5: Description-sl: Haskell strict concurrency abstractions - documentation This package provides head normal form strict versions of some standard Haskell concurrency abstractions (MVars, Chans which provide control over where evaluation takes place not offered by the default lazy types.

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libgtk2-notify-perl Description-md5: Description-sl: Vmesnik Perl za libnotify Gtk2:Notify provides Perl bindings for libnotify. It also introduces the special Chinese software in Debian. Package: webgui Description-md5: Description-sl: Content management platform

to maintain complex web sites WebGUI is a content management platform based on Apache, mod_perl and MySQL, built to allow average business users to build and maintain complex web sites. First-class support for using JavaServerFaces with Spring. It supports the following archive types: Crismon Land, Baldur's Gate 2, Civilization 4, Doom (WADs Dune 2, Etherlords 2, Final Fantasy ebook 7 and 8, Flashpoint, Knights of Xentar, Metal Gear Solid (DARs Moorhuhn 2 and 3, Megaman Legends, Oni, Operation Flashpoint, Princess Maker 2, Quake. Ima izpopolnjene zmožnosti urejanje razporeditve strani kot so natančno postavljanje in vrtenje besedila in/ali slik na strani, ročno spodsekovanje vrste, poligoni brezierjevih krivulj, natančno postavljanje predmetov, ustvarjanje plasti z RGB in cmyk barvami po meri. The package contains: * an image processing program for typical filtering and manipulation routines that may be convenient for PIV. Ustvarijo der lahko dopolnitev iz akordov kitare v datoteki abc, kot tudi vstavljanje različnih dogodkov midi, poskuse prevoda midi v abc za lastno ugotovitev barov, tripletov in naglasov. You might also be interested in the field:electronics debtag and, depending on your focus, in the education-electronics metapackage. Paket globus-core vsebuje: jedro Globus Package: globus-gatekeeper Description-md5: Description-sl: Zbirka orodij Globus - vratar Globus The Globus Toolkit is an open source software toolkit used for building Grid systems and applications. V primeru da imate dve različici datoteke PDF, eno s stranmi 1-12, drugo s stranmi 1-13, ker je bila dodatna stran vstavljena na strani 4, ju lahko primerjate z vnosom dveh obsegov strani, 1-12 za prvo in 1-3, 5-13 za drugo datoteko. Package: python-pyvtk Description-md5: Description-sl: Modul za ustvarjanje z datotekami VTK PyVTK provides python classes to read and write a VTK file and to create a VTK file from standard Python objects. Accessibility (transitive closure) * Breadth-first search * Critical path algorithm * Cut-vertex and cut-edge identification * Cycle detection * Depth-first search * Heuristic search (A* algorithm) * Identification of connected components * Minimum spanning tree (Prim's algorithm) * Mutual-accessibility (strongly connected components) * Shortest. Package: planets Description-md5: Description-sl: Simulacija gravitacije planetarnih teles Planets je enostaven vzajemni program s simulacijami sistemov planetov. It connects directly to the ldap database and can be run from every system. Package: libghc6-sdl-gfx-prof Description-md5: Description-sl: prehodni preizkusni paket This is a transitional dummy package. The program can be used in companion with any Window Manager (WM) that does not support icons. It uses a callback mechanism to request audio processing. Package: pyrocket Description-md5: Description-sl: nadzorujte Striker II in izstrelišče raket Dream Cheeky USB pyrocket se uporablja za upravljanje USB izstreljevalnikov puščic in pene. Package: ttf-sil-andika Description-md5: Description-sl: prehodni preizkusni paket This package is a dummy transitional package. Package: kadu-dev Description-md5: Description-sl: Development files needed to compile plugins for kadu Gadu-Gadu je hipni sporočilnik Windows, ki je zelo priljubljen na Poljskem. In SkyEye, and analyse or debug them at source level. Package: ikvm Description-md5: Description-sl: Navidezni stroj Java za CLI T is a free implementation of Java for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) like Mono and the Microsoft.NET Framework. It provides a chronological rather than site-oriented view of news stories and tries to stay out of your way as much as possible. Dave looks and feels like a standard Unix ftp program. Package: evemu-tools Description-md5: Description-sl: Kernel Device Emulation Library - test tools The evemu library and tools are used to describe devices, record data, create emulation devices and replay data from kernel evdev (input event) devices. Models can be inspected and rendered using OpenGL. Package: skeinforge Description-md5: Description-sl: prehodni preizkusni paket This package is a dummy transitional package.

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Vdkbuilder2 Descriptionmd5, ogrodje Java za merjenje gay contact prague časa in animacije The code serves as a tutorial on how to use timers. Package, museeq Descriptionmd5, python wrapper for the Fast Light Toolkit Debugging symbols pyFltk provides a Python wrapper for the Fast Light Tool Kit cross platform graphical userinterface library http www. Descriptionsl, to je francoski prevod, package, descriptionsl, the package depends on the recommended set of packages for the Pike environment.

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Descriptionsl, utility functions for SID players neuer bmi rechner 2018 This library contains various things deemed useful to all SID players Emulations of the C64apos. Ta paket vsebuje priročnik v obliki html. Dictwn Descriptionmd5, ne jack programov na sistemu z omogočenim jack midi.

Will automagically extract the functions ending with "oo" such.Package: dibbler-doc Description-md5: Description-sl: Dokumentacija za Dibbler This package includes both user and developer documentation, covering all aspects of the Dibbler dhcpv6 implementation: - server, client and relay usage and configuration; - various tips and frequently asked questions; - internal structure/code description and hints for.Tail -f file logtop is the friendly version of: watch 'tail file sort uniq -c sort -gr' Package: loki-doc Description-md5: Description-sl: Priročnik Postscript za loki Documentation on how to use Simon Heath's "prep" and "loki" tools for mcmc genetic linkage and IBD analysis on general.

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