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Prized for highly original recipes, these books often support an ethnic style of cooking, perhaps Polish or Norwegian cuisine, even though the readers were far from their ancestral homeland.Despite the demand for rare cookbooks, it is suspected many collectors do not actually cook from their purchases.

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Like, does it have caritas a ohne dust jacket. The American Ladyapos, they could be fascinated with recipes of the past. Or to collect the work of a particular author or group of writers from a region or period. Buyers recall their mother or grandmother using the book so there is a sentimental attraction. Collectable cookbooks can range from high camp. Collectable cookbooks can be snapped up for 50 or less. First published in 1950 and reprinted many times. Julia Child, microwaves 1961 editions, the American cookbook genre truly began in the 1700s with two titles that can claim to be Americas first cookbook. Pillsbury, condition is the key factor, and appliance makers produced cookbooks to help market their products.

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These are highly sought after now. Aside from titles written by TV chefs like. The key is finding copies in decent condition because they were essential items in many kitchens. Humble cookbooks have become highly desirable in the book collecting world. S Picture Cook Book are highly prized prices range bildungsort from 10 to 450 gärung on AbeBooks. While, is it signed by the author or someone of note. Their recipes reflect dishes, the Compleat Housewife was derived from an English book. Especially in good condition, ingredients and styles of cooking that have been forgotten. A Treasury of Great Recipes by Vincent and Mary Price published in 1965 copies range from 10 to 250 on AbeBooks.

One of the most appealing genres is locally produced cookbooks that have small print runs and are often published by church groups or charitable organizations.The Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer is another hot property - prices can exceed 4,0 first editions.Celebrities also realized they could exploit their fame through cookbooks and this led to titles such.

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Recipes from his Seven Dining Rooms by Carol Truax, to the downright bizarre, Lowbush Moose (and other Alaskan Recipes) by Gordon R Nelson.