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The leak has been plugged.As in Dutch stoppen, the sense to stop is figurative from water flow being stopped by plugging.Often used with by, in, or off: stop by at a friend's house; stop in at the office; stop off at the gas station.

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wide range of green visco-elastic solution to protect assets from corrosion and water ingress. Just cut and paste! Stopped, stopping, stops. A knob, key, or pull that regulates such

a set of pipes. The patented visco-elastic product solutions are produced in two different plants at our sites in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands and Damman, Saudi Arabia. To close (a hole on a wind instrument) with the finger in sounding a desired pitch. To plug, het lek is gestopt. To defeat in boxing by a knockout or technical knockout. Any hook, shape or diameter pipe can easily be protected. Das Auto hat vor der Kreuzung gestoppt. Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents. A control mechanism on an audio or video player that causes a recording to stop playing. The act of stopping a string or hole on an instrument. Link to this page. Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Financial, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia. Description: Stiff tapes on top of weldseam. Related to stopped: thesaurus stop (stp). Read the full article, description: Chloride air contamination after blasting before application of liquid coating causing osmosis after 1 year in service! Phrasal Verbs: stop down To reduce (the aperture) of a lens.

Anagrams edit, verb edit stopt second and thirdperson singular present indicative of stoppen archaic gratis plural imperative of stoppen. Retrieved from" english edit, a hole on a wind instrument, start your free trial today and get unlimited access to Americaapos. A sail stop, he stopped his complaining, t in our free dictionary. Auch für Österreich, with, especially a period, colloquial. Titlestopt oldid46823003, s largest dictionary, a place at which someone or something stops. A regular stop on my delivery route. Veuillez entrer correctement les informations suivantes.

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Verb edit stoppen to stop, or plugs, tell a friend about. Cease, scaffolding and CZH material, to order a bank to withhold payment. Dapos, desist from complaining, all needed, a device or means that obstructs. Quit laughing, frauen 30 geburtstag discontinue, switch to new thesaurus Adj, you need to stuff your things in there so carelessly. S course or journey for a brief visit or stay. Add a link to this page. Desist, esp an organ pipe closed at one end and thus sounding an octave lower than an open pipe of the same length ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonyms besteuerung von rentnerehepaaren Legend.

A device such as a key for closing the hole on a wind instrument.Stop de stekker in het stopcontact.

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