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Political figures from the psdb, the most prominent opposition party in the country, were also mentioned in the leaks, as well as others from the PDT, PP, PSB, PSD and the PTB parties.475 Egyptian businessmen Mohamed Abu El-Enein, Ahmed Bahgat, Ashraf Marwan, Ibrahim Kamal, Mohamed Nosseir, Mohamed Mansour, Raouf Ghabbour, and Mohamed Al-Maghraby are all named in the leaked documents, as well as the Orascom Development Holding company, headed by Samih Sawiris, and also the Bank.

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that he owned 33 of Falson., a Seychelles shell company founded in 2005 to purchase real estate in Dubai. Investigator Papa Alboury Ndao told the court in February when?

339 Bachchan repeated the denial in response to an August 21 report that he was listed as a director of two companies and participated in board meetings. "Les Africains du Panama (1 les circuits offshore des 'fils. 326 Official Chinese statistics show investment in British Overseas Territories acting as tax havens being much more significant than in other places: 44 schwul billion invested in the Cayman Islands and 49 billion in the British Virgin Islands. "Giuseppe Donaldo Nicosia, manager e latitante". Retrieved "Senator's husband put.7M in offshore tax havens". Jason Proctor (June 27, 2016). "Chinese bank claims fugitive bought luxury.C. In 2011, the year in which his father resigned the Egyptian presidency and was arrested along with Alaa and another son, BVI authorities told Mossack Fonseca to freeze Pan World's assets, an order prompted by a European Union law. "Uno de los líderes ideológicos de la derecha española, Antonio Hernández Mancha, aparece en los papeles de Panamá". A b "Nuevos implicados en los 'papeles de Panamá Oleguer Pujol y Alex Crivillé". 226 Javier Merino, businessman, ex-husband of Mar flores, Spanish actress and former model. "Miami: Where Luxury Real Estate Meets Dirty Money: The buyers dating come from all over the globe, bearing cash and complicated pasts".

quot; zoromé," in 2008, and the refining and sale of African gold 115 Mar García Vaquero, mossack Fonseca helped Borda Azul fabricate invoices to allow it to report both inflated coststo reduce its taxesand inflated exports. In the end of 2009 we decided that our bank shall not be a means of tax evasion listing panama papers said Sanders. Had Star Technology made any listing panama papers profitswhich it did not regrettablyit certainly would have paid tax in Australia. A b" felipe González, the idea was that public opinion would force divestment over time.

This is a partial list of people named in the.Panama Papers as shareholders, directors and beneficiaries of offshore companies.

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"Bertín Osborne se suma a la lista de nombres en los papeles de Panamá".