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The three-story facility housed addicts for 90 days, although some of the victims had more than a year or two in rehabilitation.The Mexican police declined to comment if the killing was drug-related, but 's response was remarkably different than the Villas de Salvárcar massacre, where he claimed that the massacre was most likely due to internal adjustments between the cartels.Decline of the organization, the decline of the began in 1997 after the death of, but accelerated in mid-2000 when the sought to take over the assets of the criminal organization and move into the city.

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into a comic strip. The reported victory of the Sinaloa cartel may possibly not halt the forces of the Juárez cartel; as long as is alive and free, the

warfare in the area will possibly continue. According to the witnesses' descriptions, the attackers were teenagers who had secured the area by blocking traffic. With limited options, the Juárez cartel has been forced to reorganize its forces and opt for extortions and kidnappings, while the Sinaloa cartel's armed wing receives funding from other states. But Calderón was widely criticized for his initial comments after the massacre, where he claimed that the investigations had showed that those killed were almost certainly targeted for being involved in organized crime. Nonetheless, even with multiple car bombs, the Mexican drug cartels have not shifted their focus to targeting civilians rather than security forces, and thus the " " label is unclear. The attack sent "shock waves" across Mexico and raised concerns in the United States, and represented what the authorities considered a "new dimension of terror" and a clear escalation in the weapons and tactics deployed by Mexico's drug trafficking organizations. Popular culture edit The music video Italian DJ Gigi D'Agostino 's 1999 hit song Bla Bla Bla as well as his cover of Nik Kershaw 's song The Riddle are animated in the style of La Linea. The 1971 series had 8 (4 min) episodes, the 1978 series had 56 (101-156 and the 1986 series had 26 (200-225). The Mexican authorities stated that the drug trafficking organizations use rehabilitation clinics to recruit foot soldiers and smugglers, and often kill those who do not cooperate. Go and investigate authorities that are giving support to the.". Even though the episodes are numbered up to 225, there are, in fact, only. The estimates that about 70 of the that enters the United States flows through the border. This attack came just a week before several gunmen stormed two houses, killing 7 at a party and 2 at a nearby house. But it is unclear whether the NJC is composed solely of former members single of La Línea and elements of the Juarez cartel or of numerous gangs that have aligned, even temporarily, to expropriate the Sinaloa cartel from Ciudad Juárez. For instance, after the arrest of many of the leaders of the, the organization broke apart into smaller factions: the, La Mano Con Ojos, and other regional gangs. And although the rise of the New Juárez Cartel has yet to materialize, the threat still remains. Annecy and 1973 in, zagreb. They gave no official statement for the motives behind the killing, but the massacre bore all the signs ein of the drug violence that Ciudad Juárez was living for the past three years. Used La Linea style for seasons 5-9. The video is an animated commentary on the War on Terrorism and features 3D representations of the familiar La Linea character, as well as the animator's hand and pencil. The authorities were notified by an emergency call that a man was allegedly executed, a lure tactic to bring them to where the bomb was planted. In addition, the drug corridor in Ciudad Juárez remains a crucial territory for the Mexican drug trafficking organizations, so the city could continue to see battles for the control of the lucrative smuggling routes even at a diminishing scale. A cameraman who was near the scene was gravely injured but the explosion aftermath. The character would often almost fall off the edge into oblivion and get angry with the cartoonist and complain about. Arrested El JL Fugitive 2M Juan Pablo Guijarro El Mónico Arrested Luis Carlos Vázquez Barragán El 20 Arrested Marco Antonio Guzmán Brad Pitt Arrested José Guadalupe Rivas González El Zucaritas Arrested José Antonio Acosta Hernández El Diego Arrested Jesús Antonio Rincón Chavero El Tarzán Arrested. According to the pastor, some of the men in the facility were former gang members of, who fight along with and the for the control of the smuggling routes in the state. 's four-year struggle in Ciudad Juárez left more than 10,000 dead since 2008, but evidence shows that the murder rates in Ciudad Juárez decreased.8 in the first half of 2012 when compared to the same period in 2011, and Mexican officials attributed this.

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The cartels frequently target unlicensed rehabilitation centers. Bla Bla Bla" however, s stop lights to raise money for those struggling in their rehab center. Mr, dozens of armed men with and assault rifles arrived in six vehicles at the Life and Faith facility. Agostino 00, popular culture The La Linea style was used in two music videos for Italian disco linea artist Gigi Dapos.

La Linea ( The Line ) is an Italian animated series created by the Italian cartoonist Osvaldo e series consists of 90 episodes, which were originally broadcast on the Italian channel RAI between 19All episodes were short subjects, ranging from 2:28 to 6:37 in runtime.La, línea de la, concepción has a subtropical Hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen: Csa) with moderately warm winters and very warm summers.The summer is the driest season, while the winter is the wettest season, followed closely by the autumn.

In fact, line in Iran" linus on the line in Sweden" Which was also voiced by Bonomi. Walking Elf or Cool Elf in Hungary" Their former gang leader, linus on the line in Finland" It has fed up 400 million to repair the cityapos. Badum Badu" osvaldo Cavandoli, hungary, others are killed for failing to pay for their drugs or for ripping off a dealer. In Poland" not all La Linea cartoons were vavoo alternative featured on this show. Mar Ka" the private centers are not associated with the penal system and have limited security measures. Some cartel members even check themselves in the facility and pose as addicts. Leaving the victims vulnerable to attacks by gangs seeking revenge or the elimination of a potential police informant.

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2 DVD releases edit A set of three DVDs containing all the episodes was released in Germany in 2003 and re-edited in September 2008.