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European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary

Let me turn to another area which has traditionally been a focus of our activities, namely real estate.Within the euro area we went further with the banking union.And we expect key ECB interest rates to remain at their present levels at least through the summer of 2019 and in any case for as long as necessary to ensure that the evolution of inflation remains aligned with our current expectations of a sustained.

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Committee, at the last esrb General Board meeting. This should include an increase in its effectiveness and agility in terms of both governance and instruments, while fully respecting the

mandates of the Commission and the ECB. As part of this process, the General Board has just discussed the third edition of the EU Shadow Banking Monitor, which will be published in September. With the right policy framework, risk-sharing and risk reduction are thus mutually reinforcing. In parallel, we will continue monitoring developments in the investment fund sector and in the broader shadow banking sector to assess the trends that underpin our policy actions. Second, the esrb identified a need to enhance the liquidity stress testing culture among investment funds. The main intention behind this investigation was to analyze the impact that cryptocurrencies can have on the economy. In the area of financial services we have made significant progress. Since then, decisions to set a positive buffer rate have also been taken in Lithuania, Denmark, France and, most recently, Ireland. For both the euro area and the United Kingdom, committee the Single Market has been a fundamental asset and a positive sum game. I will discuss the inflation outlook in more detail as I explain the monetary policy decisions taken by the Governing Council in June. To support confidence and continue the economic expansion, we need further convergence and integration among euro area Member States. The swift adoption of the banking package will help to further strengthen the resilience of the financial sector. In February this year the esrb issued a recommendation to address these financial stability concerns. Today Europes focus is more on security. At the same time, it informs that it can be exchanged for other goods, services or sovereign currencies. Many countries combine instruments to increase the resilience of lenders with instruments targeting collateral or borrowers. An ambitious agenda for the capital markets union (CMU) can further underpin and facilitate the priorities I have outlined. In particular, our very low policy interest rates, the favourable lending conditions in our targeted longer-term refinancing operations and our ongoing asset purchases have resulted in lower borrowing costs. It cannot generate sustainable and balanced growth on its own. The Single Market and Brexit, let me now turn to the repercussions of Brexit, which you have asked me to address in more detail. Let me emphasise that none of the measures I have mentioned are possible without trust between Member States, and that requires national governments to play their part in increasing the resilience of their economies and modernising economic structures. Both projects require Europe to be united to act together. A strong and united European Union can help reap the benefits of economic openness while protecting its citizens against unchecked globalisation. In my remarks today, I will outline these decisions and explain the assessment of the current economic environment on which they were based. So far the euro area has weathered the fallout from the referendum outcome with encouraging resilience, also thanks to the preparations of central banks and supervisors on both sides of the Channel. This also means we cannot take backward steps concerning the regulatory, supervisory and oversight framework for banks and financial market infrastructures, which has been enhanced considerably since 2008. The key lesson is that the European Union has to deliver on key objectives from the citizens perspective if it is to rekindle trust in the European project.

Common Equity Tier 1 ratios of significant banks a key indicator of bank health are now 67 higher than they were ten years ago. Contrary to the expectations of many. The latest Eurosystem staff macroeconomic projections vorherbestimmt foresee average annual growth. Conclusion, bringing together European economies has allowed the European Union to reap efficiency gains and better satisfy demand. Let me conclude, however 9 in 2019 and, we recommended that esma develop further guidance on how fund managers should carry out such stress tests. Furthermore, economic clusters in turn benefit from being able to recruit workers from across the. They explained that the supply is managed by computer algorithms that help create scarcity in order to increase fotostream their value in the future.

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Reducing the need for using lkw trailer zubehör public stabilisation tools. Persistent and suche biete vorlage prudent in our policy to ensure that inflation remains on a sustained adjustment path. We have therefore reaffirmed our reinvestment policy and enhanced our forward guidance on the key interest rates. A more resilient EMU would also benefit from a bolstered crisis management framework. It is imperative that its integrity and the homogeneity of rules and their enforcement will be preserved. CMU would increase private sector risksharing. Supporting stabilising national policies and allowing monetary policy to operate effectively.

The esrb considered liquidity risks and risks associated with leverage to be particularly important.Specifically, we assessed inflation developments against the three conditioning criteria for net asset purchases: convergence, confidence and resilience.Such developments would first and foremost weigh on the UK economy.

Hearing before the, committee on Economic and Monetary

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More specifically, the single passport means that UK-based banks can currently serve the rest of the EU without needing to set up subsidiaries in other Member States, and vice versa.