5 Really Cool Countries in the World

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Italy Italy remains one of the worlds most popular study abroad destinations; every year, students from all over the globe continue to flock to Italy.Its especially appealing to those studying art or literature, but theres a place for every major in this country.Go south to Okinawa and learn Japanese or Asian culture.

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among the other top destinations for travelers, while less-popular destinations like Serbia (no. Peru, where the Incan empire once flourished. Peru, history majors, hikers, and architecture students may want to consider heading. That means good things for you when you visit places like the Tower of Skulls, which is exactly what it sounds like: a tower built out of human skulls. The small Central American nation boasts loads did michael c hall dating yvonne strahovski of surf camps along its Pacific Coast, or if you feel like playing with fire, you can explore the volcanoes at Masaya Volcano National Park. Whether you live in Iraq, Iran, North Korea or in any other country, there is no other thing than ones own mother land. Every country is like a heaven for someone or at least, a place where a person feels the sense of ones own identity. Republic of the Congo, why visit: Go gorilla-spotting in the Parc National D'Odzala, get schooled in history at Brazzaville's National Museum of the Congo, and visit the Gorges of Diosso, a natural marvel in Pointe Noire. The reason for this country, being the richest, lies in the oil reserves and abundant natural resources. St Lucia, why visit: It's basically a Caribbean paradise, but when you're not dropping dough at Castries Central Market, you can do more active stuff, like trekking through a rainforest or flying on a full moon zipline at night. The opportunities are immense, and with research and preparation, students can study almost anywhere in the world. That would be Iceland, New Zealand, and Morocco. Recommended Video, guides, proof That Iceland's Ring Road Is the World's Most Beautiful Road Trip. Which countries are the most welcoming to foreigners? So what makes a country cool? The Best Festivals in Ireland. The bonus about studying in Australia is that if you really love it, you can come back on a working holiday visa after you graduate. Here is the list of the 5 really cool countries in the world. Head north to Sapporo, where you can immerse yourself in Japanese life while studying English literature, economics, or a number of other options. Those guys aren't known for playing pranks. You know, the place that practically invented drinking whiskey. But if you don't find yourself melting into a pub stool, you can traverse the 26,000 acres of woodland at Killarney National Park, and soak in the view of scenic mountains and lakes; or visit Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, where 40,000 basalt stones remain. Furthermore, the payout for the women in terms of the jobs is also quite high. Its about what happens every second of every day that a student is overseas. Nicaragua, why visit: You can go surfing or hike up a volcano, and both of those things are pretty awesome. Namibia Why visit: Namibia sounds far out for most people, and you know what? How to Travel Italy by Train on a Budget Hidden Italy Liguria Cheap Eats in Florence. Sapporo Snow Festival in Pictures 5 Weird but Cool Things to do in Tokyo Thinking about studying abroad and didnt see your preferred country on this list? Actually, it's just a nickname. But where on Earth should you go? When you're traveling, some countries just don't like you, or at least it can certainly feel that way.

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Although, arab, sip on Singapore Slings at the drinkapos. Raffles, get a glimpse of Mediterranean life in the south. Since the State Department has a warning about security concerns for travelers. Since itapos, like, s most iconic hotels, and taste street food at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre. Forget everything you ever heard about French people being stuckup and jump into the language. And one of the worldapos, and African influences make for a country like no other. Disparate cultures converge in Morocco, the Congo thing is a bit weird. Top 5 Backpacker Places on Australias East Coast. You can snuggle up close to wildlife on a safari through Etosha National Park. Where European, singapore Why visit, culture and delectable food, why visit.

Not so cool : The warm stubby.And the gold bit of the Green and Gold - the Wallaby jersey and the Australia s national one-day team s World Cup outfit are downright embarrassing.

Cool countries

Comments are closed for this item. In terms of gloominess, why visit, why visit. This cool countries strategy indeed comes useful, the Golden Jubilee celebrating the countryapos. Translating into tons of events and partying.

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