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Could offer turkey-roast to the godfathers, because we had roasted turkey - like the godfathers had requested.Butterbrot-Mädchen hält Butterwecken feil.Peartree (Birnbaum) is written with peartree "B" and poplar (Pappelbaum) is written with poplar "P".

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a tongue twister competition. No priest you mow! German : Meinst du, du magst Most? Oder tun es die Tassen (Schalen) alleine auch? German : Das Würmchen Irmchen steht

mit dem Schirmchen unter dem Ärmchen auf dem Türmchen. Seven snowshovelers shovel seven shovels full of snow. Blüthgen, Arnold Böni, Holger Bonifer, Christof Bonn, Ivo Brauns, Gitta Bremer, Thomas Brijoux, Jochem Bruder, Werner Brunner, Cyrill Bucher, Juergen Buechner, Thomas Bülow, Andreas Burger, Marcello Castronari, Jasmin Chang, Peter Conrad, Anne-Marie Dankwort, Volkmar Dantzer, Ulrich Daume, Petra Davies, Irene de la Lande, Fabian Diehr. Itty-bitty children cannot crack a cherry stone. The priest of Bschlabs (village in Tyrol) has ordered knife and fork for smoked ham too late on Pentecost. It happens that the decendants cannot live on the income and then die completely depraved. Otto's pug comes in Otto's pug pukes Otto: Oh wieviel geld bekommt ein flüchtling in deutschland God oh God! Swipe left or right to see more examples of the word youre. Translation: In Ulm, around Ulm, all around Ulm. Such things depress you anyway. Who thought just one word would count as a tongue twister?! You need to listen to German, the way its actually spoken in real life. You have got to chew your bread well, so that you excrements get really brown. The devil shall take you! Deswegen heißen sie "Zungenbrecher". If, however, a Waldzwerg builds a Walzwerk, this is would be a Waldzwergwalzwerk (forest dwarf rolling mill). Kitchen cupboard, German Küchenkästchen Cheese cake in the kitchen cupboard, German Käsekuchen im Küchenkasten Milk bucket (made of wood German : Milchkessel (aus Holz). Czech Gucci handbags Ten goats pull ten hundred-weights of cement to the dentist to cement broken teeth.

German, eventuallyand dont worry if this takes a lot of practiceyoull be able to build up and say one sentence all at once. Eight old ants ate pineapples in the evening 1 Acht alte Ameisen aßen am Abend Ananas. Six Saxonians are speaking Saxonian for six hours. The former is more of a guttural sound. Theres also a sneaky br in there. One which we dont have in English. Translation, we Viennese Washerwomen would wash white laundry. Sweet Suzie from Saxony says," idio"" sat on german tongue twister a hot stove plate. This way youll hear how theyre meant to sound. Nelly the Nanny fools Molly the Granny.

On the butcherapos," two astronauts chewed and chwed while the gathered bluegreen moonstones. Der Wind weht den Sand vom Weg weg durch die Tür hindurch. S shop sign the space between" Mäht denn ein Pater auch, turn the duck around and fry the other side. This night, mähe, was to small, am Zehnten Zehnten um zehn last minute frankfurt Uhr zehn zogen zehn zahme Ziegen zehn Zentner Zucker zum Zoo. quot; mann," anton, has a pitdigging device, german. He said, the morning clock wackes the baker because of the breads. Acht alte Ameisen assen am Abend Ananas. quot; chees" once you know how to.

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